FridaPlatform – The engine for a wholly interlinked emission-management of tomorrow

As a software concept FridaPlatform uses a Service-Oriented-Architecture and offers with this a platform, which is flexible in its implementation and integration into existing IT environments. This flexibility ensures data exchange via XML with existing transport management systems (TMS) and supported by DFGE consulting services also offers integration with other LOB systems like ERPs.

FridaPlatform is the basis of all Frida-tools. The FridaPlatform offers many opportunities to streamline your sustainability efforts e.g. by collecting data from very different entities within your company.

FridaPlatform is highly customizable, fast and efficient. Due to its lean structure it may be used from SMB companies with multiple locations up to huge industry corporations with particular requirements and challenges.

It is available as a SaaS solution a well as a distributed installation on your premises.

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