FridaCorp – The software to calculate corporate carbon footprints

The software solution for corporations, who are not only looking for a system to calculate their corporate wide carbon footprint (CF) once, but do want to create and control long term and on-going CF reports in order to minimize their carbon footprint according to international standards. FridaCorp was developed in close cooperation with big corporations and their multiple subsidiaries across the globe. The goal is not only global calculation but a holistic emission management taking into consideration several international standards as well as the DFGE top-down approach.

It may be used as a SaaS solution using a web-based UI (user interface). Via an integrated dashboard you are able to verify the actual status regarding CO2e-emissions, separated per location, subsidiary or department.

But it is mainly designed to integrate your CF calculations into your CRM/ERP/BI tools. It offers several different standardized interfaces to connect your tools to the CF-calculation in FridaCorp. It includes delegated rights, automatized data collection and a web-based dashboard.

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