FridaQuest – The software to collect sustainability data

FridaQuest is a SaaS tool which enables you to collect necessary data for your sustainability report.

It allows to set-up a questionnaire with delegated rights. You may collect data from different subsidiaries and departments. You are able to delegate Sub-Admins which are responsible only for single topics or departments. You as the Master Admin can supervise your Sub Admins as well as your users.

This tool can be tailored for any kind of questionnaire. Usually our customers are using FridaQuest to collect data for the Carbon Footprint calculation, for example data of daily commuting. The Administrator is able to provide the questionnaire including logic, calculations and personalization mechanisms to Sub Admins; they publish the personalized questionnaire to single users (employees) in their location or department via internal communication methods, e.g. e-mail or internal blogs. The users may enter personalized data. Your Sub-Admin may analyze such data location based according to the rights of access you specified, e.g. view only data of their area of authority.

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