FridaCarb – The software to calculate corporate carbon footprints

FridaCarb is a recursive and iterative SaaS tool for calculating the Carbon Footprint (CF) for small and medium sized companies.

First step: Data collection with some basic questions about your company. Once you entered your data here, you will receive a first preliminary CF based on your assumptions and with a certain band width of 20% and more.
Second step: After completion of data collection we will review your entries and specify the so called "sensitive positions". This means we will adopt the questionnaire to your needs and ask for some more detailed data. Any data gaps are filled by DFGE with common average data. Once these data is entered into FridaCarb, the CF will be re-calculated for a more precise result.

Thus the result will be 'better', the bandwidth will decrease. Depending on your requirements we will run through this step several times (usually twice) in order to receive an acceptably detailed result.

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